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CSMVisual Reflections is owned and operated by, Steve Groninga, Certified ScrumMaster® , located in New Bern, North Carolina.

EyeI bring over 30 years of software design experience to any project. I have designed, developed, and maintained numerous software applications, systems, and databases throughout my career. Over the past 20 years my focus has been on designing web sites. My experience in web design goes beyond the normal web site designer. I have been a project leader and senior web developer on several large projects for major corporations and operate Visual Reflections.

What We Do

  • Visual Reflections create custom sites to fit our clients needs and purposes.
  • Your business becomes our business, we want your site to stand out and be noticed.
  • We take our work seriously and want your site to succeed and be functional.
  • Visual Reflections take pride in being honest, up front, and working closely with our clients.

Visual Reflections Create Custom Sites That Reflect Your Vision!

You may find other methods of getting a website from hiring a large advertising firm or going with a template site which you can do yourself. A large advertising firm may be outside your budget and a template site may look like hundreds of other websites on the web.

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