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Objective: We are sensitive to the fact that you require high visibility of the WIP (work in progress). For this reason, we incorporate high visibility and client involvement during the development cycle. At each stage along the development you are given unparalleled control over the progress of the site.

Obtain Content: Create, obtain and organize the content from the various sources. Organize content categories to fit the needs of your users. Create conceptual design and layout.

Prototype: The first and crucial phase. The prototype shows you the shape of things to come. This is much more than just a visual representation. This is the mould into which we start to breathe the breath of life into your site! Feedback from the client is taken and required modifications are incorporated.

The Proof of Concept: DefineThe prototype evolves to its more complex level of existence. Many parts of the prototype spring to life. We have this intermediate delivery before the final delivery to establish the proof of concept. Obtain audience/end-user feedback, perform initial user tests, interview end-users and client staff, obtain new / modified requirements.

Start the Coding Process: This is where all the hard work of gathering requirements and holding team meetings will pay off. At this point there should be little, if any decisions left to be made. We will start the creation of the web site by using everything we have learned and discussed.

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