Define Your Vision

Objective: Understand clearly the needs of the client. Conduct a meeting or meetings with key individuals to determine your needs, goals, and other relevant factors to better prepare for the web site production.

Discovery: Discover together opportunities and potential of web enabling a business process even beyond the stated requirements. This may involve the following:

Business process evaluation
A study of your present process or proposed business model.

Specifications Analysis
Create a project plan and an estimate
Gain approval of the client

Requirements Analysis
Define audience/end-user expectations
Interview end-users and client staff

Define: DefineDefine the objective by capturing the key Requirements for the client's web site. Obtain any additional design documents that would help us get a clear understanding of the Vision and Scope of the project. Develop the architecture of your web site - what information should be included and how it should be organized. We now will establish a look and feel for the site by creating prototypes with the look and feel of the site.

Before we begin the web site programming process, design elements will be submitted for your review and approval. This step greatly reduces, and can nearly eliminate, costly revisions which would otherwise be made after the web site programming and launch have been completed.

For more detailed information on our process, click on the steps below.

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